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place the device in a vertical position.

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We have the solution you need

Is the building too old? Are the stairs a problem? Not enough space? Tresa has a solution for these problems.


30 years offering customised alternatives

At ASCENSORES TRESA we are specialists in manufacturing and installing lifts in renovation projects. Since the late 80s, more than 900 "turnkey" installations of all types of lifts with varied architectural solutions endorse "TRESA Solutions".


Assessment of the courtyard, reconstruction of the stairs, shaft

Installing a lift in an existing building is not limited exclusively to the cases in which the building has a stairwell. ASCENSORES TRESA, with the advice of the proper architecture studies, provides the best solution adapted to the requirements of each site.


Financing up to 100% of the work

The ASCENSORES TRESA team visits your community at no obligation or cost to you and if you decide to move forward with the work, will help you by presenting solutions and subsidy procedures to you. To make everything easier, they can finance up to 100% of the work.


Discover the products we have for your building without elevator.