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At ASCENSORES TRESA, we offer all kinds of accessibility solutions for all needs

Make your family home more accessible

With Brisa (TRESA Homelift), ASCENSORES TRESA achieves total integration in your home. A small lift suitable for residential or institutional use, it has become the best solution to overcome the architectural barriers of your home. With the utmost comfort and safety, it is available in a wide variety of designs and finishes that will fit perfectly with the aesthetics of your home.


At ASCENSORES TRESA we also have stairlifts, a solution used to go up and down stairs from one floor to another completely safely and without physical effort. Regardless of the type of stairwell you have, there will be a stairlift that will adapt to it and will provide you with an accessibility solution quickly and without the need to do any home renovations.


ASCENSORES TRESA offers access solutions to its customers by means of lifting platforms. Lifting platforms improve mobility in any residential environment, reducing daily accessibility difficulties and providing quality of life to the user.