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Four decades of experience; the endorsement of our lifts.

Work, a top team of professionals, and a commitment to research and permanent development are the hallmarks of TRESA LIFTS

The diligence of a family


Just arrived at the company's headquarters in 2020, Gonzalo Suárez, founder of TRESA, explained himself in an interview like this: “The world has changed a lot, the elevator sector has changed a lot, but we have known how to adapt, reach more countries, create new products…". In his eyes there was a lot of pride and also sacrifice, which he used since 1983 to transform a small office of just 30 square meters into the great business project that the company is undertaking today.

The project was based from the beginning on very characteristic and differentiating signs of identity, the own manufacture of elevators with European components, quality as a priority, good prices, good marketing and the ability to have own funds.



This adventure was not only accomplished by Gonzalo Suárez, but he was accompanied from the first moment by his wife, Marichu Echevarría, formally and informally recognized as the best salesperson in the company and much more, ..., the trust, the drive, the wisdom and the relief to get up again and again when things went wrong. "Tresa exists because Marichu exists," Gonzalo Suárez acknowledged with pride and humility in that same interview.

Today, avoiding the first line of management of the company, Gonzalo and Marichu remember between jokes, laughter and a certain nostalgia those early years, when everything was more "simple", where trade agreements were closed in the homes of the presidents of the neighbouring communities, sitting at a good table, amidst the smells of pots, coffee and homemade pastries at the after-lunch hour.

Tresa with you

Almost four decades of trust and professionalism

The defining features of ascensores tresa

Our values


High quality standards and end customer satisfaction are the forces that drive ASCENSORES TRESA.

Human resources

As we are fully aware of the importance of having the best team, ASCENSORES TRESA is committed to the balanced integration of its workers

Research and development

An outstanding R+D+i department gives rise to new models based on new technologies, greater load capacities and higher travel speeds

Sponsors and partners

We want to integrate into the business and social fabric in all the territories where ASCENSORES TRESA is present, paying particular attention to sponsors and partners.


Our factory

TRESA manufactures quality elevators in Spain using European components. In addition, the company has eleven branches and two customer service offices to provide an excellece service.